Rise & Shine

by Alx Kawakami

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"Rise and Shine" is a call to action. Get up, face your challenges and create your own opportunities.

As a life long musician, Alx viewed his move from O`ahu to Los Angeles as a veritable right of passage. He knew he had to take a chance, face the unknown and suffer failure before any success would come his way. Alx understood that to develop his skills, he had to spread his wings.

While living in LA, Alx set a clear goal - to record this, his first solo album. He met and ultimately collaborated with some of the most talented in the industry. The resulting collection of songs is about life, love and fun - often recalling the struggles, stumbles and victories encountered along the way.

"Count From Ten" invokes your young and fun memories. "Smile", written for a true love, is a song of promise. And, while the broken heart in "I Won't Wait" avows to take a step back before moving on, "Fireknife" is simply a beach party on O`ahu.

"In Your Life" good things only come from taking chances. So, remember to get up and live your life...Make that change, take that chance, trust in yourself.

"Rise and Shine"


released August 9, 2016

Executive Producer: ASFI Music
Producers: Alx Kawakami, Eric Berdon
Engineers: Alx Kawakami, Eric Berdon, Milan Bertosa
Engineer Assistant: Chae Choe
Mixed By: Eric Berdon
Mastering: Eric Boulanger, The Bakery
Photography: Ric Noyle
Avocado Tree Studios, HI
Diriculous Music, CA
Island Sound Studios, HI
Management: Howard Rosen Promotion
P.O. Box 61279 Honolulu, HI 96839

Backing Vocals: Nick Kawakami
Guitar: Tim Pierce (Tracks IWW, CYE, OSOL,)
Bass: Mark Tanouye (Track 9), Lance Morrison (Track 2)
Drums: Seann Carroll (Track 9), Randy Cooke (Track 2)
Strings: Stephen Lu (Track 3)

Alx plays KoAloha Ukulele and Larrivee Guitars



all rights reserved


Alx Kawakami Honolulu, Hawaii

Alx Kawakami uses his experience performing with the group ManoaDNA to release his first ever solo album! Playing his guitar "upside down and backwards" never affected Alx's passion for his music and he continues to amaze with his original compositions on ManoaDNA albums and now, his brand new solo album. ... more

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Track Name: Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

We all have a story, that hides behind our eyes,
A battle fought in silence, all tangled up inside.
Life goes on around you, as you watch it all pass by.
We all have our bad days, it happens all the time.

And if your dreams get turned around
Don't let your head fall down,
In the right direction, you will see.

Everyday the sun will rise and shine,
Even tho he knows he'll sink in time.
After afternoon the moon will take his place.
Till he rise and shines again upon your face.

Life is ever winding, you're bound to hit the wall.
Or end up on the edge where you could fly or you could fall
And in that moment you might know just who you really are.
A lover, fighter, fuse igniter, aiming for the stars

As you break the chains that tied you up,
You're free to live and love.
In all directions you will see.
Track Name: Fireknife
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

I watch you dance, all night,
I wanna feel your body close up next to mine.
It’s like a flame inside,
When that funkulele takes you for a ride.

Shaking in your grass skirt
Show a little under,
So much more I wanna see.
Cocos on your brown skin
Knockin’ to the rhythm,
Don’t you wanna set me free.

She’s spinning like a fire knife,
An angel dressed in smoke and light
I’m gonna let her burn all night,
She’s spinning like a fireknife.

Hey...Let me touch your lips, feel the heat,
I need to taste some sugar ohh I need a treat.
I just can’t wait, till dawn,
My knees are weak but my heart’s going strong

Sweatin like a Mai Tai
Meltin on your shave ice
Hit me with a hurricane
Pull me in the rip tide
Toss me on the shoreline
I wanna ride again
Track Name: In Your Life
In Your Life
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

In your life, you can feel things deeper than the ocean,
In your life, you can't get there if you don't dip your toes in.

When the sun stops shining, and dark tears fill your eyes.

Move along and have no fear,
Ain't no room for crying here,
Keep tomorrow's promises alive.
Take a breath and carry on,
Use this time to write your song,
Don't let a moment fall when it can fly.
You can chase the days or watch them pass you by...
In your life…

In your life, you can open doors to find the answers.
In your life, good things only come from taking chances

When your hope is broken, and all your dreams run dry..

If you feel you've gone too far,
I'll run to you
If you're looking for a star,
I'll fall for you
It's my life too..
Track Name: Home
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

I traveled all the distance,
In search for something more.

Waking up in different places,
Another number on the door.

You never know what you'll encounter,
When a new world brings you in.
Another bag, a different weekend,
Like a feather in the wind.

But I want you...

When the road is overblown.

I want you.

Cuz there's only one way home

We could live alone on a mountain

Or on the surface of the moon,

Stranded on an desert isle.

I wouldn't care if I'm with you

And when the sun one day forgets to shine,
And the worlds an endless winter night,

It's fine, cuz when I'm holding you.

I'm home.

When I find myself away alone,
It's hard to sleep at night,

And I try to dream away the cold,
Till there's morning mist outside
I may go amazing places
That others die to see.

The only thing I'm living for
Is to have you here with me.

So I need you...

When my rose is overblown.

Yes I need you...

When theres only one way home..
Track Name: Other Side of Love
Other Side of Love
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

As if she never felt a beat in her heart.
No no no, I'll run, I'll hide,
But her spell reaches out too far.
Her love is jaded,
She wants me tangled in her lies,
Mmm, she knows when she goes,
I'll be crawling right by her side.

And the day will come when she goes.
But I cant feel the thorn on a rose…

I'm awake with my eyes shut,
Hit the breaks I've had enough,
It'll all come back around,
On the other side, the other side…
It was all just a fantasy,
Like a cross eyed guarantee,
It'll all come back around,
On the other side, the other side
Of love…

She calls me baby,
But it's because treats me like a child,
Mmm, it's my voice, my choice,
And I'm the one who chose to stay awhile.
She's got the answers,
To the questions that I never asked.
No no no, when she calls, I fall,
But every favor has her strings attached.

Love can save you, love unbreaks you,
Love can take you higher…
Love can kill you, drive right through you,
And burn you up like fire…
Track Name: Count From Ten
Count From Ten
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

Remember when we used to dream every night.
Like time would never slip away too fast.
As young kids that play without a worry on their mind
Smiling and having such a blast.

As we grow a little older we forget that life's a game,
Staying undercover when we should go out and play.

Close your eyes count from ten and I will hide,
A little game takes us back in time,
We're young again.
Let's close our eyes, count from ten and we'll rewind,
Singing our favorite childhood rhymes,
Once again just count from ten.

Suns out, buns out, it's time to get a tan.
The only thing to worry about is lines.
The hourglass is gone and all we've got is sand.
A castle that was once kissed by tide.

As we grow a little wiser we remember life's a game,
Work a little harder to make time to go and play.

Ten - feels like I'm flying
Nine - I wanna peak behind me
Eight - You can try and whisper
Seven - but I can hear your slippers
Six - moving in shadows
Five - like a dancing candle
Four - three - two - one
Ready or not here I come.
Track Name: I Won't Wait
I Won’t Wait
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

You can look around the corner.
You can read between the lines.
But you can't see the sorry story,
Unfolding right before your eyes.
I can dance and play the good game,
And sing the song that brings you life,
But when the melody is over,
I'm just another fading light

Can you follow love love love, cuz I'm ready to run run run

I won't wait for you.
You don't know you don't know what you wanna do.
You always try, reaching high but never follow thru.
I hate to lose, but I was overdue.
You can come or you can go, search for something new.

The air you breathe is getting warmer,
You feel your temperature arise
And as I'm trying to dig deeper,
You still wanna roll the dice.
As the fog is overwhelming.
I've never seen my path so clear.
We'll have it all just walk beside me,
There's nothing left if you stay here.
Track Name: I'll Be Around
I’ll Be Around
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

If it's raining on a Sunday night
And you can't sleep, something just not right.
You're not hungry and you're not scared,
You’re just wishing someone else was there.
Leave a light on and call my phone,
Or send a text cuz we're not that old.
I'll be there with guitar in hand,
Your own personal one man band.

You're never alone, you got me baby,
Two hearts, dance and sing to the same beat.

I'll be around,
When the rain starts pouring
Keep you dry baby I don't mind.
I'll be around,
When the world gets boring
Keep you laughing till you're drying your eyes
I'll be around, around around…
I’ll be around, around, around…
I’ll be around, around around…

If in the morning you don't wanna wake up,
I'll come and get you with a coffee cup.
We can always spend the day in bed,
Catching up on the walking dead.

You're never alone, you got me baby.
Two lives dancing and singing in the same key.

I'll be around,
When the wind starts blowing
Keep your hair looking oh so fine
I'll be around,
When the grey starts showing,
Growing old baby side by side
I'll be around, around around…
I’ll be around, around, around…
I’ll be around, around around…

Before we say another day is done,
We hurt our backs trying to have some fun,
A little Taste of what it was to be young,
Is Chased with aspirin and pack of tums...

I'll be around,
When the rain starts pouring
Keep you dry baby I don't mind.
I'll be around,
When the world gets boring
Keep you laughing till you're drying your eyes
I'll be around,
When the apocalypse hits,
And everyone's gone bananas.
I'll be around,
Give you a Lyft
From LA to Atlanta...
I'll be around, around around…
I’ll be around, around, around…
I’ll be around, around around…
Yea..I’ll be around
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

Staring at the stars through an empty bottle,
The sky keeps spinning round.

Laying on back feel the grass blades growing,
Like you’re one with ground.
Are you thinking of me? Cuz I'm thinking of you…

But it could be the dreams from my Johnny blue.

I'm on top of the world tonight, till the morning shows it’s light.
I'm on top of the world tonight, till the morning show’s it’s light.

Another night’s over, laying alone here, wondering why.

Our heads unraveled, only seeing shadows in the night,
Are you waking up scared that nobody cares about your life?

Just close your eyes…
Close your eyes…

Our heart’s on the sleeve in a late night convo,
Passion running real high.

Promises made that are already broken
Some dreams live to die.
Are you thinking of me? Cuz I'm thinking of you…
As I'm laying all alone talking to the moon.

I cannot forget what I'll never regret now you’re all I see.

You just wanna close your eyes and start over again.
In all your dreams and all your lies, I let you in.
Now the light’s shining...
Track Name: Smile
Written by Alx Kawakami (SESAC) Eric Berdon (SESAC)

How did I get so lucky here with you?

A young mans wish finally came true.

Butterflies multiply, every time I look into your eyes.

Yesterday I thought it was a dream,

A love like this is so hard to believe,

A pinch to prove it's real, cuz' this happiness I feel is hard to find.

I will always try to make you happy.

I will always try to make it right.

You will always see you mean the world to me.
I will always try to make you smile.

This is the moment I will not forget.

Encircling forever my best friend.

From young and innocent, to old and heaven sent,
I'll be the one.

Don't tell me I'm dreaming, cuz' I believe it.
It's like early christmas morning as a child.
My heart is beating, I got this feeling,
Baby, all I wanna do is make you smile.